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DigiiStore: Our Terms

The following Terms and Conditions apply to services provided by this website and are in general accordance with The Directive on Consumer Rights 2011/83/EC, Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and UK Law.

This website is operated by Identity Creative t/a Digiistore, a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 08347908 and VAT number 160870315 and having its registered office at Unit 1, Cambridge House, Camboro Business Park, Cambridge, CB3 0QH.

DigiiStore is a distribution agent authorised to market, sell and promote branded, stored-value prepaid products and/or other related electronic products, to customers within the UK through the following distribution processes:

  • “Agency Distribution” where DigiiStore is non-exclusive, limited, disclosed sub-agent of the product providers and Customer is buying the product directly from the relevant product provider
  • “Buy-Sell Distribution” where Customer is buying the Product directly from DigiiStore

These Terms and Conditions supplement the Product Providers Terms and Conditions that are detailed on the Product webpages. Product Providers Product Specific Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with these DigiiStore General Terms and Conditions.

Where there is a conflict with DigiiStore Terms and Conditions and Product Provider Terms and Conditions: –

  • For Agency Distribution Product, provider Terms and Conditions shall prevail
  • For Buy-Sell Distribution, DigiiStore Terms and Conditions shall prevail

These Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with the DigiiStore Privacy Policy which is located in the footer section of this website.

Customer is required to positively confirm agreement and compliance with these Terms and Conditions prior to finalising an order and entering into the payment process.


  • These General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are in addition to and/or complement the specific Product Provider T&Cs detailed on this website
  • DigiiStore cannot guarantee that the site will operate without interruptions or have discrepancies and/or inaccuracies.
  • Whilst DigiiStore endeavour to protect their websites, DigiiStore cannot guarantee or warrant that this site will be free from viruses and you are responsible for ensuring that you have appropriate virus checking procedures/ software in place to avoid infections of your system and software.
  • DigiiStore reserve the right to update these T&Cs and Product Provider T&Cs at any time in order to reflect regulatory and operational requirements, changes required by Product Providers and DigiiStore continual improvement processes.
  • The latest T&C take effect when posted on the website and whilst DigiiStore aim to highlight when changes have been made, it is Customer responsibility to read and accept the T&C on each occasion they visit and or buy from the website.
  • The latest T&Cs are available on the website to review and download in pdf format.
  • In accepting the T&Cs you confirm that you have the authority to bind any end user, individual or business on whose behalf you use this website.
  • Product details, description and information are provided against each Product on the website by the Product Provider. DigiiStore have no control over this detail and cannot accept any liability for errors.
  • Product images on the website are for illustration purposes and are intended solely for illustration and identification purposes and DigiiStore cannot accept liability for any errors or mistakes.
  • Where a Product has a limited period of validity/ expiry date, this is detailed in the Product description.
  • DigiiStore have endeavoured to ensure information on this website is correct, but cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies or omissions and cannot provide any warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose.

Customer Support

DigiiStore provides customer support for Customers to contact them during normal business days between the hours of 09.00 and 17.00 via:
Email: hello@digiistore.com
Telephone: 01799 243020
By Post: DigiiStore, Saffron House, High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 1AA.


  • “Business Day” means any day (other than a Saturday or Sunday) when clearing banks in London are open for the transaction of normal business.
  • “Claim Code” means the number or sequence of numbers or alpha-numeric characters linked to the barcode printed on a Gift Card or printed on an E-Voucher or otherwise digitally distributed.
  • “Contract” means the distance Contract entered into between Customer and Product Provider and DigiiStore for ordering/ supplying of a Product.
  • “Customer” means the purchaser or prospective purchaser of a Product or any person or entity making any enquiry concerning a Product and depending on the Product, is entitled to use Products in accordance with the applicable Product Provider/End User Licence Agreement.
  • “Digital Code” means a Claim Code displayed on-screen or delivered via a short message service (“SMS”), email or other electronic method of communication for
  • “Product” means any Provider product via which Customers may access the Provider Product Programme
  • “Provider” means the owner or supplier of a Product, i.e. Google Play, Blizzard, Nintendo, Microsoft etc.
  • “Provider Product Programme” means the programme offered by a Provider allowing Customers to purchase products and/or services (including software) or access or redeem credit from a Provider or its designee following the Customer’s purchase of a Product.
  • “Provider Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions established by Providers with respect to Retailer’s advertising, marketing and sale of their Products
  • “Right of Withdrawal” means the ability of the Customer to withdraw from the Contract and receive a refund


  • Where DigiiStore supply the product through the Agency Distribution Process, Customer acknowledges that that the sales Contract for the Product is between the Customer and Product Provider and that DigiiStore is not a party to the sales contract and are only acting as an agent/ intermediary to supply the Product and process the payment.
  • Where DigiiStore supply the Product through the Buy-Sell Distribution Process the sales contract for the Product shall be entered into between Customer and DigiiStore.
  • The Product Information on the website details if the Product is Agency or Buy-Sell Distribution. Where both options exist Customer will be advised prior to confirming payment which option applies.
  • Prior to placing an order on the website Customer is required to set up an account including but not limited to name, e-mall address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure correspondence and delivery detail is accurate when ordering a physical gift.
  • Some Products have an age limitation, prior to payment; Customer is required to confirm that they have reached any minimum age requirement stated in the Product description / information/ webpage
  • Customer shall confirm that they are the bill payer or have the bill payer’s authority to commit the funds.


  • The Product cost including VAT is stated on the individual Product Website page.
  • DigiiStore shall not be bound by the cost on the website if there is an obvious mistake and / or error. In such a case, DigiiStore may hold a delivery until it has reconfirmed the cost and Customer shall be given the right to withdraw from the Contract.
  • Customer can choose between various payment options when placing an order. Depending on the method chosen some options may have transaction costs, these are detailed in the ordering process and Customer will be notified of any transaction costs prior to payment and entering into a contract.
  • When placing an order Customer shall input their account detail and payment method.
  • DigiiStore payment processor shall have the right to vet all financial transactions in order to confirm funds availability and ensure payment. This may include verifying name address and personal information supplied by you against third party debit/credit card verification processes/ data bases. By accepting these T&C you agree to these checks being made.
  • Normally a Product Code is delivered by e-mail on confirmation of payment.
  • If a personalised gift option is requested, it shall be put in the delivery process within 24 hours. See lead times for delivery.
  • DigiiStore payment processor is entitled to hold the transaction if an anomaly is identified which may result in delay in the delivery of Product up to 7 days whilst anomalies are investigated.
  • Note some payment processes can introduce delays in payment clearance and therefore delays in Supply
  • Once payment processor has cleared the payment Product shall be moved into Supply process detailed in 7.0
  • DigiiStore retain the right to refuse to supply a Product without giving a reason
  • Where order delivery is delayed Customer shall have the right to cancel the order before it is despatched and full payment will be refunded

Right of Withdrawal/Refunds

Please be aware that you are purchasing a digital gift card codes that, once purchased and delivered, cannot be returned or refunded, so please make sure to select the correct product in the correct denomination before making you purchase.

Regrettably we are unable to take back, refund or exchange products that have already been paid for and delivered by us. The reason for this is that we are unable to ascertain that a code, which is normally delivered immediately following the purchase, is unused.
We do of course fully warranty that the codes we deliver are immediately redeemable. If for any reason you have any difficulty in redeeming your code, we will make every effort to promptly resolve the issue.

Our customer service team are on hand and can be reached either through email to our support team or by calling 01799 533210 during normal working hours.
More information about our return policy can be found in our terms of agreement.


  • Digital Codes:
    • Shall be supplied by e-mail, normally within one hour of payment being approved.
    • It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide correct e-mail address. DigiiStore cannot be held liable in the event that Customer provides an incorrect e-mail address.
    • Each Code is Unique and can only be redeemed from one Product Provider once.

Data Protection and Intellectual Property

  • DigiiStore are registered with the Information Commissioner Office under registration number 10492621
  • DigiiStore are committed to protecting your privacy and the Digiistore Privacy Policy can be read in the footer section of this website.
  • The DigiiStore Policy shall be read in conjunction with these T&Cs.
  • Subject to your positive confirmation/consent, DigiiStore may use your personal information to contact you with information about our products and services, special offers and rewards, as well as those of selected third parties.
  • DigiiStore will not pass your personal information to third parties except in accordance with these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy or where DigiiStore are required to disclose that information in order to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.
  • DigiiStore will treat your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • This website is for Customer personal and non-commercial use. You must not use any materials contained in the Site except to the extent necessary for your own personal use.


Complaints Process

Customer shall submit any complaints regarding performance of the Product of Contract delivery to Customer Support as detailed in the Contract/Ordering section above.